The Coupon Momma

When I was younger, I never used coupons.  I never looked for them, didn’t know where to find them, couldn’t even tell you how to use them.  I was happy going through life paying full price for everything.  It was almost like I was embarrassed to even say the word coupon at some point in my life.

It wasn’t until I met my wife, who I am going to describe as very frugal, that I discovered the world of coupons and exactly how much can be saved on our shopping trips.  She has a system of knowing exactly when the coupons come out, where they are going to be, what we are looking for, etc.  We won’t even look at buying some things unless we have a coupon for it.

So my job at the grocery store is to push the cart and hold the coupons that my wife hands me when she gets the items that she has coupons for.  I can almost see her go back in time and become a child-like again when she has a good coupon.  She will smile, hand it to me and let me know exactly how much we are saving on that item.  You should see her when we have a double coupon or we get something for free.

I have to admit it, I get bored on most of these shopping trips, so I end up looking at the coupons she hands me.  Just looking at the pictures and reading the fine print on them.  I notice that some of them are from the newspaper, some are from inserts, and some are just on plain paper.  I got curious one day and asked her about the ones that were on plain paper and how they worked.  Of course I had to be an idiot and ask her if we could just make our own coupons and may as well just print our own money.

Are You Financially Content?

After she gave me the eye roll and acted like she didn’t know me, she told me they were printable coupons from a website.  Now, remember that I never, ever used coupons before my wife.  I was living in the stone age of coupons and had no idea you could do this.  

When I looked at the paper closer, I saw the website and saw it was from The Coupon Momma.  Now, if I was going to call my wife anything, it would be The Coupon Momma.  I was thinking, how appropriate is this website for my wife to be using to find and print coupons.

Where is this leading?

As the owner of a personal finance website and the husband of a woman who uses coupons on a more than regular basis, I had to contact The Coupon Momma and see how I could collaborate with them.

I contacted The Coupon Momma herself and had many discussions about what we could do.  The result is that The Coupon Momma is now an official sponsor of The Middle Age Money Man and I could not be happier.

Let me tell you what you can do on The Coupon Momma:

  • Search thousands of manufacturers’ coupons•
  • Print directly from your phone or computer
  • View most popular coupons
  • View latest coupons
  • No signup required

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