Dear Debt, I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Debt,

I am writing you this letter to tell you that it is over between us.  We have had a long, complicated relationship.  It had its ups and it has definitely had its downs.  Fortunately, I am a different person now than I was when we first started our journey.  An older, wiser, more mature person who knows exactly what they want in life and exactly how to get it.

I was young and reckless when we first got together.  Not a care in the world and ready to take on anything.  It didn’t matter that I had a minimum wage job, you accepted me for who I was and were giving to a fault.  If I ever wanted anything, you were always there.

Even in my twenties and into my thirties, you supported me through my different hobbies and phases.  You never judged me.  When I wanted to buy that motorcycle, you supported my decision.  When I needed that new sports car, you didn’t deny me the satisfaction.  You even bought me dinner almost every night.  It was the perfect relationship.

But things started to slowly change.  Eventually, as I demanded more of you, you couldn’t give me enough of yourself.  It was almost like there wasn’t enough of you left to give in this relationship.  Like you ran out.  Was it me?  Did I do something wrong?  

It also seemed like the more you gave me, the more you asked in return.  I know they say nothing in life is free, but your affection came at a pretty big price.  I kept trying to reciprocate your actions, but it never seemed to be enough for you on a monthly basis.  You just kept wanting more and more from me.  You became greedy.  Greedier than I thought I have ever been with you.

This greed of yours began to take a toll on me emotionally and mentally.  I started to worry about things that I never worried about before.  I became depressed and sad.  I knew I wanted to get out of this relationship, but also knew that I was stuck to you by some sort of invisible cord.  You had a hold on me that I just didn’t know how to get away from.  I felt both mentally and emotionally abused in this relationship.

I know the actions were my own in the beginning of our relationship, but for you to become so controlling and manipulative is unacceptable.  I can’t take the pain and suffering in silence anymore.  It is time that I fight back and make my voice heard and take action to escape your monstrous grip.

The days of sadness, hopelessness, tears, pain, and anguish are over.  It is time for hope, joy, happiness, and smiles as I take back control of my life and break up with Debt for good.  

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  • firehedgehog says:

    Love this! Perfectly summarises a relationship with debt. Mind if i share it on my blog?

    • Thank you very much for the comment! I would be honored if you shared it! It was kind of a personal mission for me to write something like this. Being in debt is like being in a bad relationship. We have all felt like that I imagine.

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