Welcome To Middle Age Money Man!

Who is This Middle Age Superhero?

Okay, superhero is a bit much, more like a highly caffeinated super-ninja that writes about his life, personal finance, and the intersection of the two.  Both the website and podcast deal with many issues that we all deal with on a daily basis.  It doesn’t matter if you are a millennial or middle age, you will find something useful.

I have had a white-collar job in IT and computer programming since I graduated from college.  Along with that came long hours, stress, and lifestyle changes.

I found myself going in and out of periods of “funks” and feeling like I was in a “rut”.  Times where I wasn’t sure exactly what the whole purpose of me being here was or if it all was really worth it.

I was diagnosed with Depression when I was in my twenties and put on medication.  I tried to ignore it for the most part, so for twenty years, I have dealt with it the best I could on various medications that have done, essentially, nothing.

When I eventually found myself over $75,000 in debt between student loans, credit cards, personal loans, and vehicle loans, my life became even more stressful and the Depression became worse.  I had to make the decision to change my habits and get out of debt.  I also had to make the decision to get professional help with my Mental Health.

I decided to not only start my debt-free journey, I also decided to start my Mental Health journey by beginning to see a therapist and to get my thoughts together.

I am on my way to becoming both mentally stronger and debt-free and am on a mission to share my successes and failures with the world as well tell the stories of others.

What You Are Going To Find!

You are going to find awesome articles about personal finance, life, Mental Health, Depression, life hacks, budgeting, being old like me, and how to just be super-awesome!

Seriously, you are going to find real-life ways to live life, deal with your finances, debt, and money.

What You Are NOT Going To Find!

You are not going to find articles on how to pay your debts off in a week, telling you to live on beans and rice, depriving yourself of everything fun, or how I became a millionaire in 30 days.

You are also not going to find articles like WebMD.  I will give you facts and figures, but this is real life.

This stuff just doesn’t make any sense, and why would you even believe it.