I Love My Wife, And Her Coupons

I’m just an average Joe.  An average Joe with a wife and two kids, a house, dogs, a full-time job, a lawn to mow, a car to wash, bills to pay, and mouths to feed.  Luckily the wife I mentioned in that last sentence loves to use lots and lots of coupons to help feed the mouths I have to feed.

I do have a confession, however.  I get a little embarrassed when we get to the register and my wife whips out the big stack of coupons and starts to scan them.  In my head, I know that probably 25% of those coupons will not scan properly so we will need to call a customer service person over to help us.

How Grocery Store Coupons Are Killing Me

That light above the self-checkout lane is going to start blinking like a giant beacon telling everyone in the store that we are incapable of actually checking out on our own.  Are we trying to cheat the system and use a coupon for something we didn’t buy?  Are we completely unaware of how to use barcode scanners?

I have to admit, I am one of those husbands that tends to slowly creep away from wife when this happens.  I end up a few feet away looking at the newspapers or tabloids while she gives me the ominous eye-roll.

I Killed My Emergency Fund, Now It's Dead

My wife absolutely loves coupons.  She will not go shopping, especially for groceries, without them.  It is like a game to her.  A game to see if she can save more on the current shopping trip than her last shopping trip.  She will always update me on how much she saves.  I got in trouble once for putting one of her grocery receipts on the refrigerator with a gold star.  

She has utilized the internet to find great deals on every kind of product imaginable.  I will hear her from across the room giggling to herself and asked her what she is doing.  It always has to do with some kind of coupon she found for some rare item she has been holding out on purchasing.

She doesn’t go to these large sites either, she uses a site called The Coupon Momma.  I actually started calling her that and I get the same ominous eye-roll.  All I know is that she just marks all the coupons she wants and prints them out and we save hundreds of dollars.  When you are on a debt-free journey, that means the world, even if you end up creeping to the newspapers and tabloids when that blinking light comes on.

I can’t say that she is one of those extreme coupon people that you see with a wagon train of carts and a binder of coupons.  We definitely don’t have a garage full of products that will last us through a zombie apocalypse, but she is talented.

When we looked back over the past year, we estimate that she saved us approximately $2,800, plus all of the gas points that she accumulated.  Let’s just say that I am very happy to have her because I am not a coupon user at all.  I would have literally saved $0 over the past year.

Yeah, I love my wife, and her coupons.

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