How Grocery Store Coupons Are Killing Me

Okay, they weren’t physically killing me, but I was dying inside every time I went to the grocery store with my wife and I saw her either have her packet of coupons or open the coupon app on her phone.  I will preface this article by saying that I love my wife with all my heart and she is the greatest person on the Earth in my eyes, but I am going to throw her under the bus for the next few paragraphs.

“But aren’t coupons a good thing if you are on a budget?”

I am so glad you asked me that, and I would think the same thing, unless you went shopping with my wife.  She, like many other people I am sure, are of the mindset that if you have a coupon for it and you are saving money on it, you need to buy it.  We may not need it at the moment, or at all, but because we have a coupon for it, we will spend money on it and it will come home with us.

Don’t get me wrong, coupons are a great thing and a wonderful tool for your budget if used properly.  It just seems to me that if you are buying things when you don’t need them, even if you can save money on that purchase, you are wasting money and negating the use of coupons for items you really do need.

I love my wife with all my heart and she is in this debt-free journey with me ’til the end.  She has always been one to look for a deal and look for  bargain.  I think she just gets overzealous with it at times and finds bargains on things that we don’t really need.  I think she gets that rush of dopamine from saving money and doesn’t even realize that she is really doing the opposite at times.  We just need to get her to focus on the true targets.

I Love My Wife, And Her Coupons

I know that she is not the only person out there that has these tendencies.  Who can’t resist a bargain on things you don’t even need or may not even want?

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