What My Coffee Habit And My Job Taught Me About Life

According to the National Coffee Association’s National Coffee Drinking Trends report, the number of people drinking coffee within the past day is 64%, compared to 56% of people reported drinking unflavored bottled water in the past day.  

Personally, I think that the bottled water number should be way lower.  Does water pump you up for your day?  Can water make your eyes bulge out of your head and make you feel your heart pound in your temples?  You don’t twitch uncontrollably while drinking a stupid bottle of water.

Am I getting off-track, I apologize.  I love coffee!  Can you tell?

I work at a desk all day staring at a computer crunching numbers and analyzing data.  I need to keep myself awake in the worst way, so I am up to about three to four cups of coffee a day.  The coffee not only keeps me awake, but the walk to the Keurig machine keeps me fit and slim, maybe not.  

So How Does This Involve Money?

Good question.  

At my previous job, I would purchase the Keurig K-cups to get my coffee fix at work.  At a minimum of a three cup-a-day habit, this was costing me about $25 for a 48 count box of K-Cups at my local wholesale club.  That is about fifty cents a K-cup.  Not too bad.  Unless you add that up over a month and I am spending about $45 per month on coffee.

So there I was, going through these gigantic boxes of K-cups, more than one per month, feeling terrible every time I had to ask my wife to buy another one.  I would get the eye roll that meant, “you really went through the whole box already?”.

I did that routine for sixteen years.  Yes, you read that correctly, sixteen years.  That means that, give or take, I spent about $8,640 on coffee in my time at my previous job.  Keurig loved me.

What Happened?

Another good question.  

I got the axe.  Queue the tears and sadness and anger.  It’s okay, because I wasn’t down for long.  I started putting out resumes and going on interviews.  I eventually signed the papers with my current company and when I swiped my badge and walked through those doors for orientation, something was told to me that took an expense off of my budget.

The HR representative walked me to the kitchenette area and showed me two Keurig coffee machines with every imaginable flavor of coffee and tea K-cup sitting next to them.  An unlimited supply, there for us whenever we wanted to get it.  And there were four other areas just like this one in my building.

After I awoke thanks to someone using smelling salts, and possibly mouth to mouth on me I still don’t have the whole story, I had to make sure it was real and not a dream.  I had to go touch the K-cups and see all of the flavors.  I immediately made one of my favorites and drank it as the HR representative continued our tour.  Yes, I got another cup at each of the other kitchenette areas as well.

She Thought I Was Insane

I immediately sent a picture of the setup to my wife and she sent a text back telling me that I was insane.  Yeah, insane with happiness.  She just doesn’t get it.  Once I explained that, not only can I get my caffeine fix but it will save us $45 per month, she was moderately excited.  It was a start.

I didn’t have to become that little child that would have ask her for coffee money every time I needed to get another box of K-cups.  I didn’t have to worry about that budget item staring me in the face every month and feeling guilty about it because I was the only one who drank coffee in my family.

It was a small victory, but when you don’t get many victories in life, you take them where you can get them.


As I sit here with my cup of coffee and finish with this post, my point is that you never know when and how life may help you with your finances.  

I actually ended up taking a job that was forty-five minutes farther away from home for less pay after losing my previous job.  I was not in a good place mentally or emotionally, but sometimes it only takes something as small as a cup of coffee to make you whole again.

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  • Sigrid Chu says:


    I agree with you! Coffee deserves this tribute blog post.

    Many years ago when I used to live in London, there was a Starbucks kiosk right outside the subway station that I use. The highlight of my daily commute was that kiosk. Getting that hot cup of coffee that warms my hands as I walk towards my workplace was comforting for me.

    Now, I’m a little bit wiser with my money so I’ve scrapped that habit. I still enjoy coffee but now I use our own coffee machine at home. Much cheaper and it still gives me that same comfort and feeling.

    Glad to have discovered your blog on Twitter!


    • Hello Sigrid and welcome to MAMM.

      What I get at work is mud compared to Starbucks and Starbucks will definitely put a huge dent in your wallet.

      You are absolutely right though, there is just something about that warm cup of coffee in the morning that makes you feel nice and toasty and comfortable.

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