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6 A Different Kind Of Christmas

Every Stinking Year! Every year I tell myself, and my wife, that this is the year we are going to stick to our Christmas budget.  Every year we end up kicking ourselves for spending entirely too much on crap that nobody needs.  Please tell me that I am not alone in my mistletoe misery. My […]

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1 Will Maine Help Pay Your Student Loan Debt?

Maine is already a beautiful place to live, but now it is positioning itself as a beautiful place to work as well.  The northernmost US state will now help you pay off your student loans if you there to work.   Actually, the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit program began in 2008, but was only targeted […]

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1 How The New FICO Model Could Help Consumers

I don’t think I remember a day where my FICO score didn’t define me as a human being.  Alright, maybe when I was carefree Toddler Moneyman, but the vast majority of my life has been spent worrying about that magical number that opens so many doors. That number has gone up, down, and up again.  […]

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2 Why Extreme Frugality Is Bad

From the first day I started creating monthly budgets, I looked for ways to cut expenses.  I looked for things in my life I could eliminate or do without on a daily or monthly basis.  This is just a basic principle of trying to become debt-free and living below your means. There comes a point, […]

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2 7 Ways To Hack The Frugal Lifestyle

Unusual Frugal Living Hacks So many people live a frugal lifestyle these days.  Whether you choose to live the frugal lifestyle in order to save money and possibly retire early, or you are forced to live the frugal lifestyle due to other circumstances, there are so many ways to cut back on every day expenses. […]

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Why Millennials Are Terrible With Money

Millennials Are Terrible With Money… at least that is what recent studies by various big banks and economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.   Eventhough I call myself the Middle Age Money Man (I am of the Gen X era), I don’t really like to put people into categories and compartments.  Unfortunately […]

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