5 Real Life Steps To Getting Out Of Debt

Being buried in debt can be a living nightmare, and I know the feeling.  That is why I wanted to compile these five simple, common sense ways to help eliminate your debt and  end the debt nightmare. With a solid monthly budget where you know exactly what you are bringing in and spending every month, […]

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Budgeting Is A Pain In My Butt

If you have been following this site, you know that I have recently reached my breaking point when it came to debt.  That point when you look at yourself in the mirror and you are about to throw up because you have no idea how you got there and you feel like an absolute failure.  […]

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Are You Financially Content?

I was recently asked what it takes to become financially “content”.  The first thing that came to mind is that this is a loaded question because “content” means different things to different people.  Some people may also never be content, no matter how much money they have.  But, being me, I answered it as straightforward […]

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The Five Elements Of A Verbal Agreement

I was recently asked how to go about getting repayment for money someone loaned to a friend.  I want to preface this by saying that I am not an attorney nor do I give legal advice.  I will go over what I know needs to be in place for a verbal agreement or oral contract […]

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  • June 14, 2018
  • Q&A

Is The Burden Of Student Loan Debt Worth It?

If there is one question I get more than any other, it is whether or not to incur student loan debt.  This question is not as straightforward as it seems because it really depends on your current debt situation, household income, and what you will be studying? Student loan debt is now the second highest […]

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The Debt-Free Steps

Debt is becoming an epidemic in America.  MONEY recently did a study into the Federal reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances that examined how much debt and of what type Americans had, as well as at what age they carried that debt.  The results are actually rather surprising in that the age group that carried the […]

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Debt Setbacks And How To Overcome Them

This is real life and things happen that we aren’t expecting.  This seems especially true when you are trying to become debt-free.  It’s almost as if you take one step forward and two steps back many times during this process.  Technically, this is what your initial $1,000-$1,500 emergency fund is for.  Your emergency fund should […]

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Living Below Your Means

You have heard it a thousand times, live within your means.  Seems like common sense doesn’t it?  Of course it does.  Nothing I tell you is some deep dark secret that has been hidden in ancient scrolls just waiting to be revealed to the world.  If it was easy, however, we would all be millionaires. […]

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The Debt-Free Ladder

Let’s face it, when you want to reach a place that is waaay up there and seems unreachable by normal means, you get the right tool for the job, a ladder.  By climbing the rungs of this ladder, first the lower rungs and then the middle rungs and finally the higher rungs, you end up […]

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Debt Is Always An Emergency

In my last article, The Debt Effect, you found out that, according to a 2017 report in MarketWatch, 19% of American households have $0 saved for emergency situations and 31% of American households have less than $500 saved for emergencies.  If you fall into this category, you are probably also among the 49% of Americans […]

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