Overcoming Fear – Gerald Webb – #002

We speak to actor, director, and filmmaker Gerald Webb about his leap from nightclub DJ to actor and how he conquered his fear in order to do it.  He also talks about social media do’s and social media no no’s when it comes to your reputation. Fear can be a paralyzing force that stops you […]

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F.I.R.E., Suze Orman, and One Size Does Not Fit All – #001

We discuss the meaning of FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early), our thoughts on Suze Orman’s position on FIRE, and is the FIRE lifestyle right for you?. The FIRE movement has been a hot topic lately, pun intended, and we dive into the pros and cons of the FIRE lifestyle as well as the pitfalls that may […]

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4 Financial Lies Everybody Falls For

The 4 Financial Lies Everyone Falls For With so much information being slung around these days, how do you know what information is good or bad?  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a study on the news telling me that eating a certain food would help me lose weight and increase […]

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When You Financially Break Your Spouse’s Heart

When You Financially Break Your Spouse’s Heart When my wife and I started our journey to eliminate our debt, it seemed nearly impossible.  It almost seemed like we were Sisyphus cursed to push that huge boulder up the hill, only to have it roll right back down to the bottom so we would have to […]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly Kinds of Debt

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Kinds of Debt Have you ever really looked at what debt truly is?  I mean, what the true definition of debt is.  In its most basic form, debt is an amount of money borrowed by one party from another party.  For so many people these days, debt has become a […]

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Your Personal Guide To Traditional vs. Roth IRAs

Your Personal Guide To Traditional Vs. Roth IRAs If you have begun to think about your retirement, specifically how you are going to fund your retirement, there is no doubt that you have had the Traditional vs. Roth IRA argument with yourself.  It seems that this is one of the most asked questions from individuals […]

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How To Survive A Financial Crisis In 6 Steps

Whether you are a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” kind of person, the chances of a recession happening in the next two years is at a whopping 60% according to JPMorgan.  We can all scream and shout over exactly when it will happen, but it will happen. If you are not one […]

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How To Be Awesome At Communicating At Work

Work is something that most of us can’t avoid.  Some people hate it and some people love it.  Whichever of the two categories you fall into, you will, no doubt, have to communicate with your co-workers at some point in time.  Communication with your co-workers and clients is a critical skill, and it may have […]

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I Love My Wife, And Her Coupons

I’m just an average Joe.  An average Joe with a wife and two kids, a house, dogs, a full-time job, a lawn to mow, a car to wash, bills to pay, and mouths to feed.  Luckily the wife I mentioned in that last sentence loves to use lots and lots of coupons to help feed […]

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A Different Kind Of Christmas

Every Stinking Year! Every year I tell myself, and my wife, that this is the year we are going to stick to our Christmas budget.  Every year we end up kicking ourselves for spending entirely too much on crap that nobody needs.  Please tell me that I am not alone in my mistletoe misery. My […]

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